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irsfl provides detailed foreclosure information and customized personal service not offered anywhere else. irsfl is committed to your success in the world of foreclosures . Information is Power. No one has data as accurate, comprehensive or timely as irsfl is the power behind your success.

Why we're the best
Casefile Details

Irsfl does the research for you. We extract the details you need from the sources we've developed over decades in the information business. Knowing what our clients require, even before they do, has made us the leading data provider since 1991. We examine the case files. We find the correlating property. Then we list the people, addresses, additional liens and the amounts due. Our details illustrate each case developing the story from the origination of the loan to the first filing of the pre foreclosure to the scheduled sale date.

Daily Updates

Irsfl updates cases daily. We stay on top of the filings in the courthouse everyday to be sure you get the information as soon as possible. Court cases have an ever ticking clock on them. You need to be ahead of it to be successful. We are right there every business day disseminating our reports quickly and thoroughly. All you have to do is subscribe, search and go. We keep you out in front of your competition. No one gets it faster or more complete. We get you what you need, when you need it.

Competitive Edge

We do not Invest. We are in the information business. In order to maintain the integrity of our data our single focus is to provide the most comprehensive information available. The knowledge we've acquired over the years enables us to know what our clients need and find the best way to obtain, teach and deliver it to the people we assist in achieving their dream of success. Our attention to detail and personalized customer service keeps us involved with the needs of our clients as the market continues to change and evolve. We are not your competition. We are You Competitive Edge.

Why IRSFL will fit your needs
Time is money

Time is money. Spend it wisely. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day we put the information at your fingertips. In the time it takes you to enjoy your coffee you are able to search, comment, save and map the properties that will turn a homeowners nightmare into a resolution for them and a dream come true for you.


Who Benefits?

If you are a mortgage broker, an attorney, realtor, investor or in the credit repair business, we have the specifics necessary to find the leads that are perfect for you. If your expertise is property maintenance, repair, replacement or collection of discarded items you can easily page through our case files, finding the properties that meet your criteria. If you are building a rental portfolio or buying and flipping properties we have your leads. Are you finding a shortage of homes for sale? Create inventory using our leads. We have a new list of motivated sellers everyday. You may be surprised to learn the people who benefit the most are the homeowners in foreclosure. They need your assistance. They do not know the options available to them. Enlighten them and everyone benefits.

What if you don't know how?

Our Exclusive One on One Sessions

Many people come into the world of foreclosures only knowing that a house in foreclosure gets sold on the proverbial courthouse steps. Most newcomers go to the sale and become excited when they hear the clerk call out "Once, Twice Three Times - Sold for $100." Your ears do not deceive you but the process will confuse you. Going to the foreclosure auction with money and no prior knowledge of the business or what is being sold is like jumping off a cliff thinking you can fly. I don't recommend it. There are many seminars that offer different ways of making money in this business. You will find the rooms packed with the novice to the professional. Those seminars will serve you well once you understand the basics. Our one on one is your time, your interests, your customized class. You tell me about you background and goals and I will take you step by step until you are comfortable moving forward on your own.

And then...

Our Unparalleled Customer Service

You are not in this alone. Questions come up all the time even for the most experienced investor. Call, text, email. We personally answer you as soon as possible. We have representatives in the courthouse prior to the sale to address your concerns. We negotiated with a title company to get you searches while you sleep, deeply discounted to encourage you to be thorough and cautious. If we do not know an answer, we will find it and get back to you quickly. We want you to succeed and do everything we can to achieve that goal.


Networking and community

Every profession requires a certain set of tools needed to complete a task. Everything from a hammer to a human makes up your tool box. A device is easy is acquire but the experts necessary to complete a deal are more difficult to find and not always trustworthy. irsfl has built a strong line of professionals in every aspect of Real Estate, Foreclosure and Investment community. In our network everyone helps each other accomplish our own individual goals. Our Network has helped our clients find the piece of puzzle that they are missing. The right connections will save you time and money. We continue to build an environment that encourages success.

Our Team
Passionate, dedicated and tireless
Gail Gates

Gail Gates - Founder, affectionately known as Mom by her customers, has been the "Mother of Information" Since 1991. She began working part time for a small publication doing Orange and Seminole county foreclosure data. After realizing the need for timely, comprehensive information, she packaged her hand written case file research for distribution to investors. Years later with the addition of the Internet Gail created, Information Resource Service of Fl. Gail provides personalized support and service, and extensive over sight on our data and research.

Fred Gates

Fred Gates’ background is both diverse and extensive. Fred spent his early years as both a photographer and then a broadcast engineer for ABC Television, during which time he won “EMMY” awards. He left broadcasting shortly after his wife Gail began IRSFL, bringing his attention to detail and discipline to facilitate the many diverse collections of data IRSFL uses to collect and distill the very best foreclosure data offerred anywhere. In addition, Fred is quite active at the courthouses, supporting the IRSFL clients directly at sale events, or, anywhere our services and data are used.

William Hatch

William, or more typically, Bill, is a professional software developer, spending the better part of the last twenty years working for major universities, a few well known independent development firms, as well as a few successful start ups. Bill is committed and focused on leveraging this experience to deliver some really great products and services that will add solid value to the products that IRSFL customer rely on. Besides the application development, Bill also manages the collected data and its related processes, and all the IT related resources and infrastructure.

Subscription Plans
Choose the specific Countys you need (Orange, Seminole and Osceola currently available, request another one) with flexible payment terms and schedules
  • One County: $149
  • Two Counties: $249
  • Three Counties: $329
  • One County: $349
  • Two Counties: $649
  • Three Counties: $849
Semi Annual
  • One County: $649
  • Two Counties: $1149
  • Three Counties: $1549
What clients say about IRSFL
Augie Byllott, Investor Transformation Export - Creating Wealth USA

IRSFL provides up to the minute foreclosure data for the investor community and if you want to focus on Central Florida, they are definitely the "go to" information provider. They don't only care about the data ,which they do, they care about your success!

Don Montgomery,

Simply the Best. Feel assured that when dealing with Gail Gates and you are doing business with the best Foreclosure Information provider that money can buy. True professional and a credit to the business.

Scott Wagoner, Director of Investor Relations - TRW Investment Group, LLC

My business wouldn’t be half of what it is today without Gail and the information she provides on foreclosures! Top Notch!

Gene Eckles, CPA/PHP Broker - Denaly Real Estate Group

I've had the great pleasure of working with Gail for several years. I have always found her to be efficient, thorough and highly professional. I highly recommend her system at IRSFL - you will not be disappointed.

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